Friday, June 25, 2004


Virginia a Swing State?

The Great Ink Blot Election

It seems that the fickle electorate are presenting polling numbers that can be all things to all people right now. This may or may not be surprising as we the voter seem to be processing a lot of information. The pre-emptive war in Iraq (justified, not justified?), Gay Marriage (For, Against, or just against the FMA), a Republican President who spends like a drunken democrat (Farm subsidies, Medicare Drugs, Nationwide Mental Health Testing, Missions to Mars...etc.) Perhaps it is the deep questions presented about this election and the future direction of American that is driving these volitile numbers, perhaps we're just all morons.

Interesting story on Fox news about Virginia and how it could be considered a swing state in 2004. If Virginia is considered a swing state, Bush should be nervous.

Story Here:,2933,123691,00.html

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