Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Why I Don't Care if They Nationalize Health Care

So, about two weeks ago the elephant goes to the dentist to get his tusks cleaned. He hadn't been to the dentist in some time and in addition to a cleaning he needed a few old filings replaced. So, like any paranoid consumer he called his dental insurance company to make sure his dental office participated in the insurance program. According to the insurance company the office was a participating provider.

So, elephant gets his tusk work done, pays the $2,000 in fees and waits for his reimbursement. It came last night in the form of a check for $112. Of course the pre-treatment estimate was that the insurance would pay roughly 50 to 60% of the bill. When I called I was informed that although the dental office I visited was a participating provider, not all the dentists at the office were participants and the dentist who treated me wasn't covered, which of course would have been nice to know before I went in and was the reason I called the company before I went. Sigh.

When the ideological pendulum swings back to the left, which it will inevitably do and the Democrats come calling for a nationalized healthcare system, I won't stand in their way. Which of course won't necessarily help me, but will screw over the Cheney-F-Bomb insurance companies.

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