Monday, June 28, 2004


Dewey Defeats Truman! - Poll Updates

Politics one has posted its most recent updated polling data. It seems that the media and politicians have begun to achieve their ultimate goal of being all things to all people. If you like Bush, here's data showing him leading...Like Kerry he's a head too.

A good round of polls today for Senator Kerry ... unless you're a fan of FOX News and, in that case, it was a good day for President Bush. In Florida, the latest ARG tracking poll shows Kerry continuing to hold a very narrow lead over Bush. The numbers: Kerry-47%, Bush-46%, Nader-2%. Why so close? According to ARG, it is because Bush grabs the support of 11% of Dems, while Kerry counters by holding a 13% advantage among Independents. However, the Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll of Florida voters shows Bush leading Kerry by a 48% to 38% vote, with Nader at 3%. In Ohio, the new ARG poll shows Kerry-49%, Bush-43%, Nader-2%. Again, the FOX poll flips the Ohio lead: Bush-45%, Kerry-41%, Nader-4%. In Pennsylvania, the new Quinnipiac College poll places Kerry at 44%, Bush at 43% and Nader at 7%. Fox, meanwhile, gives the PA lead to the President: Bush-46%, Kerry-41%, Nader-3%. Fox also gives Michigan to the GOP: Bush-42%, Kerry-40%, Nader-5%. The Q-poll also shows US Senator Arlen Specter (R) leading challenger Joe Hoeffel (D) by a 50% to 35% vote -- and also showed that nearly 60% of voters have still never heard of Hoeffel. Whew ... that's a lot to digest (and argue about).

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