Thursday, July 01, 2004


Campaign 2004: Upcoming Events


Many interesting events coming up in the next few weeks that should shake up the consistently neck and neck poll numbers for Bush/Kerry. First, Kerry should be announcing his pick for VP, which some are saying could be as early as next week. Then in the second week in July, Senator First and his sidekick Senator Santorum are pushing for a vote on FMA (Although recent reports seem to indicate that even Republicans are jumping ship on this and may again be put off). Then the Democratic Convention....

My thoughts on the impact:

Kerry VP Pick: gets Kerry some free media attention he desperately needs, helps numbers.
FMA: Republicans give in to Far Right and Social Conservatives to vote to "Save Marriage," America yawns, effort sidelined. Effort hurts Bush with Moderates/Undecideds

DEM CON:List of liberal rival speakers could suprise us with a clear message and vision for America...yeah right....small or no bounce for Kerry.

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