Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Good Bye United!

Remember when you left us stranded in Chicago and Denver?

The Government has denied United Airlines request for a bailout which could doom the airline. Elephant feels bad, but thinks the market should take its course. United has had a reputation for poor service and high operating costs. (Only exceeded in my opinion by Northwest Airlines)

Remember in 2000 when a work slowdown by entity's mechanics left 1,000s of us stranded in Chicago or Denver curled up on the floor for the night due to "toilet problems" on our scheduled flights? I know several people who do and they can find some comfort in the fact that the government isn't throwing your tax dollars at a failing enterprise. My most recent experience this past weekend was being told that since I wasn't a "elite" United traveler, the agent couldn't be bothered with moving me to an unoccupied exit row seat. I wonder if any of the members of the airline bailout commission got the same 'friendly skies' treatment I and so many others did? Anyway, it's a strong argument for consistent and good customer service as you never know when you may need help.


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