Wednesday, August 04, 2004


The New "Normal"

Democrats Vow to Cut Deficit by 50% in Four Years?!

It used to be that the deficit and fiscal responsibility were the hallmarks of any GOP campaign. Over the last four years that philosophy seems to have gone out the window and the party I've admired so much for keeping a lid on government is slowly morphing into a mild form of (dare I say) Theocratic-Socialism. Republicans win when they focus on their strengths - national defense, fiscal accountability and a limited role for government.

As someone who straddles two worlds - working as a DC lobbyist, but hailing from a midwestern town of 300 people- I can tell you that even the most conservative of voters care more about these things than the do about flag burning, gay marriage or steriods. We want to be safe, secure in the pursuit of opportunity and otherwise left alone.

I've been criticized by some readers as not really being a Republican, my new response is that I don't think the W is the true Republican.

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