Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Democrats Cause High Oil Prices, Cancer.

Results Matter Mr. Cheney

I was reading a funny review of a recent appearance by Vice President at a campaign stop in the Midwest. Seems he claims that Democrats are the cause of high oil prices. Hmmm...Last I remember the President's Energy Bill had passed both houses of congress two years in a row and the Republicans in the House couldn't agree with the Senate Republicans on a conference report. Or remember when the President refused to release oil from the petroleum reserve? I do.

I think it is fair to lay blame on either party where blame is due. The Democrats, and John Kerry are open to fair criticisms about their records. But blaming the Democrats for high oil prices is a joke and undermines Bush-Cheney's message of leadership. The current high oil prices are the result of a convergence of many factors including; A destabilized middle east, The Russian Governments battle with Yukos, instability in Nigeria and Venezuela. Issues of foreign policy that our current administration are supposed to be masters of. Besides, all the energy lobbyists in DC have repeatedly said that any oil from Alaska would take several years to bring to market anyway.

Here's some repostings of my thoughts on this topic from months past.

Flashback... Bush's Action Preclude Drilling Off of Florida

Maybe the Democrats are playing politics, as the President indicated in last Saturday's radio address, on the release of oil from the petroleum reserve. But it seems playing politics with oil drilling isn't reserved for only the Dems, remember this?

Why Anwar and not Florida? Why not both? I mean Florida is already kinda gross so it's not big loss.

U.S. won't tap oil reserve to ease prices

Iraq going south, gas prices shooting up, President Bush misses an opportunity to take leadership on an increasing important domestic issue. His Father released oil from the reserve during the first Gulf War, so the fear of creating a precedent is moot. Great chance for his opponents to paint him as out of touch.

This underscores the problems the Bush campaign faces, they can level attacks on Kerry's record (and there are many valid things to attack), but at the same time, such attacks and sophmoric slogans like "Results Matter" underscore how little true accomplishments the GOP has actually had over the last four years and since they controll Congress and the Administration, they have only themselves to blame. That's what's so frustrating for many of us in the libertarian wing of the GOP and probably why this election is so close.

The Alaskan oil debate is, in the end, a ludicrous one as far as assisting in the current oil shortage and high prices.

Surveyors and various professional drilling crews and analysts have determined that, at most, only a month's worth of oil could be procured from drilling in Alaska in the proposed area and said oil would not hit the market for ten years if they started work today. In the mean time, thousands of acres of protected reserves would be ripped up, taking a massive backward step in enviromental protection laws and assurances.

I doubt this act will ever get through Congress, but proposing the drilling in Alaska along the campaign trail as part of this administration's plan of action to relieve oil prices and dependency on the middle east is misleading to the American people. It could anywhere from one to three more administrations before Americans saw relief from this quarter and it wouldn't reduce our dependency on Middle Eastern oil at all.

Not to sound too much like a belligerant tree-hugger, but perhaps our president and our government could be more encouraging to our car industries in investigating fossil fuel alternatives. Though these alternatives would likely take time and millions of dollars of research, that would be a more forward step I think than scrambling for whatever crude oil we can parade around.
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