Sunday, August 01, 2004


Bush v. Kerry on Federal Spending:

President Bush's Position

Our budget reflects the country’s most important priorities: fighting the war on terror and ensuring economic growth and recovery. We’ll continue to provide whatever it takes to defend our country, protect our homeland, and promote economic security.

The President’s budget calls for cutting the deficit in half over the next five years. His plan is to continue with pro-growth policies that will increase revenues into the Treasury while holding the line on Federal spending.

Economic growth and good stewardship of taxpayers’ dollars will help us meet the President’s goal of cutting the budget deficit in half in five years.

John Kerry's Position

Restore PAYGO*: Roll Back Bush Tax Cuts for Wealthy to Pay for Health and Education: The Kerry-Edwards plan will make health care affordable and accessible for all Americans and invest in education by rolling back the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy, those making over $200,000 annually.

Restrain Discretionary Spending: The Kerry-Edwards plan will restore the discretionary spending caps of the 1990s to ensure that spending - outside of education and security - does not grow faster than inflation.

Cut Corporate Welfare to Reduce the Deficit: The Kerry-Edwards plan will push the McCain-Kerry Corporate Welfare Commission to eliminate unnecessary corporate welfare and use the savings to reduce the deficit.

*(PAYGO)- Paygo means pay as you go, it's a budget tool that requires any additional federal spending or tax cuts to be offset by sending reductions elsewhere in the budget.

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