Sunday, August 01, 2004


Orange: The New Black

Elephant in an undisclosed location

Yup, DC's back on high alert. New and credible evidence, but this time with 'some' specificity. What makes now any different than say, last Tuesday? It seems to Elephant that the radical islamo-fascists don't really have a time table, they'll strike when they can make a hit that will be noteworthy.

What's even more scary is the state of the U.S. intelligence services. No replacement for the CIA director has even been discussed. So the agencies that are supposed to protect us, and were very poorly run for the last ten years, are now rudderless. Why is Bush waiting so long to replace George Tennent? How long before Kerry or some hack pundit points out that if Bush's priority is to be strong on terrorism, shouldn't we have new leadership at our intelligence agencies?

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