Monday, August 02, 2004


Another Pyramid Scheme

Feds Mull Food Pyramid Changes

Food Pyramid? Elephant still remembers the basic four food groups. (mayonnaise, Butter, Bacon and Snacky Things). But seriously, I can just imagine all the Congressional Staffers and Department of Agriculture analyst wringing their hands for endless hours at meetings discussing who best to replace the "Food Pyramid" with something more understandable like, "The Food Rhombus" or "The Food Polygon". Then after they produce a report all the agriculture lobbyists go nuts because they decided to go with "The Food Pentagram". Yes, they pay people like me to think about things like the food pyramid, then they pay us more to try to stop whatever it is that they create to replace it. Crazy world!,2933,127722,00.html

The Food Pyramid

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