Friday, September 03, 2004


But It's Not Over

Kerry gets an opening

President Bush opened up several policy proposals that will provide John Kerry the opportunity to score votes amongst moderates, seniors and fiscal conservatives. First, his proposal to partially privatize socail security will not play well with seniors. Polls consistently show that voters don't trust republicans on social security and Seniors rule the voting both in Florida. It's winnable if Kerry exploits this. Also, Bush's call for a constitutional amendment to ban abortion, gay marriage and to dismantle the separation between church and state makes him vulnerable.

Arch conservatives like Bob Barr, and even Dick Cheney support letting states continue their historic role in regulating marriage. Educated women, a hugely important voting block will likely abandon Bush on the abortion issue and libertarians and moderates will become itchy on the merging of church and states.

Kerry needs to attack on these issues and lay out an alternate agenda rather than continue to focus on the Swiftboat issue.

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