Monday, September 06, 2004


Despite the News, It Ain't Over Yet

The Pundits are Wrong

Gee the above statement doesn't even seem like a gamble these days. The pundacracy is notoriously wrong on things political. The initial polling seems to indicate a huge bounce for Bush. But, these polls are troubling for two reasons, first, they were conducted during the convention (leaving room for the 'halo' effect) and second they are national polls. Elephant's experience is that polling done during an event like the convention merely tests people's awareness of the event. As time passes and some of the proposals or speeches sink in, the numbers shift as the voting public absorbs the impact of what has been proposed.

I think the President gave a good-ish speech by his standards. It was way to jingoistic and conservative for Elephant and filled with the biggest set of new spending proposals since LBJ's Great Society. I understand why people may like President Bush for his social conservatism and even his war footing, but I cannot understand how people continue to say that he is a conservative with all this crazy spending.

That's all for now! But from the Elephant's standpoint this race is still wide open!


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