Thursday, September 30, 2004


I, Elephant

Independence Day

While I was at the DMV to change the address on my drivers license, I updated my voter regisatration too. After reading about the imperailism in the House today (FMA, Gun Law Repeal) I decided to switch my party identification to Independent. I still cling to the ideals of limited government, accountable federal agencies, lower taxes and balanced budgets, I'm just not sure if the GOP does anymore. The President talks alot about principle, too bad he doesn't seem to care for the principles that once made the GOP a great party.

Just as an example:

Since 2001, overall government spending has risen 23 percent. Defense
spending at Congress's discretion has increased 48 percent, while non-defense
spending has jumped 27 percent.

The revolution is dead, now all that matters is holding the majority by any means necessary, even if they're contrary to the ideals of the party.

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