Thursday, September 30, 2004


Imperial Republicanism

House Votes to Repeal D.C. Gun Limits

For Elephant, this isn't an issue about the appropriateness or efficacy of gun control measures, but rather about respect for the decisions of a democratically elected local government and respect for acts and measures they pass. DC resident's, through their elected representatives voted to pass one of the more stricter gun control laws in the country. Whether it works or not is immaterial, if it has not been ruled unconstitutional, it's our burden as residents to change it. Not some fifty year-old white representative from Indiana. Republicans used to care about and respect federalism, holding firm to the belief that central authority is not a good substitute for local decision making. But then again, the Republican party used to mean a lot of things they don't seem to care about democracy.

Yes, my local government may be laughable, but it's mine and Congress has no right to meddle in their affairs any more than they do to screw with Chicago, Des Moines or any other place.

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