Thursday, November 18, 2004


Rethinking My Christmas List

Ads to pop up when TiVo users scan past commercials

On the advice of many of my friends, I've decided to get a TiVo for Christmas this year. But this article has me rethinking that decision. Recording shows to watch when I want and skipping commercials is compelling and convenient, but today TiVo announced that it will use 'pop-up' ads that will fill the screen when you try to fast forward. Worse, congress is stepping in to make it illegal to fast forward through commercails, yes, use that little FF button and it could be a felony. Instead of trying to protect the radidly crumbling system of commercials and such that support program development, the industry should seek out new business models. Otherwise I'll have to wait for Apple to extend it's inovation to video entertainment the same way it did for audio tracks.

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