Tuesday, December 14, 2004


A Jury of His Peers

An Impressive Panel

While I was at the gym last night, I tuned into a press conference with the Scott Peterson Jury, fresh off their death penalty verdict. What an impressive bunch of people. Having been under a gag order for six months, three of the jurors agreed to a press conference to talk about the verdict. As usual the press asked dumb-ish questions like..."Did the Amber tapes change your mind about the guilt?". The jurors, to their credit, talked about the evidence as a whole and their focus on doing right by both families. They repeated said that their decision was not one to be celebrated, but rather just the outcome of what they, as citizens were asked to do.

I could care less about some semi-good looking white guy who kills his semi-good looking wife. It happens all the time. I also haven't been following the trail and really didn't have an opinion one way or the other. What left an impression on me was the earnestness and intelligence of the jurors in discussing how they viewed their jobs. Our system of justice depends on such volunteers, and it works because of them. Thanks.


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