Friday, December 17, 2004


Say "NO" to Cell Phones on Planes

Let them IM instead

When your sitting in a middle seat in coach, on a full flight, with the seat in front of you reclined to the maximum, it's hard to imagine how air travel could get much worse. Well, here it is...cell phone use on planes during flight. I'm not really into regulation of such personal behavior, but for some reason, even the most polite person looses all concept of others when cell phones are involved. The trend I've seen this year in my office building is cell phone usage on the elevator and in the bathroom. There needs to be some limit, don't you think?

Could the grand bargain be highspeed internet access instead? Passengers could still stay in touch with the office, but in a less intrusive way. Unfortunately, I read a report that the air marshals service are behind this effort so they can get real time intelligence while on a plane. Sounds to me like the feds will push this through and I'll be stuck listening to a salesman talk about the synergies of the database and web integration product (likely followed by a discussion of Star Trek) the next time I fly the red eye back from LA.

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