Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Naughty, Nice list 2004

Know if they've been good or Bad

Focusing on the upcoming holiday, I thought we'd start a 'naughty and nice' list for 2004. Today we feature naughty.


Senator Santorum: Virginia's shadow Senator? Rick makes the naughty list for the discover that (gasp) he doesn't live in Pennsylvania and he is bilking the PA public school system $40,000 a year to send his kids to a 'virtual home school' they attend out of his Virginia residence. Even more ironic is Senator Santorum, in his first Senate run, railed the incumbent for living in the DC are and not Virginia.

Barry Bonds: The Home Run King is all doped up. Natural ability or better living through chemistry? Either way, the overpaid, coddled world of MLB takes another hit.

Bill O'Reilly: Bill O'Rielly has always impressed me as being a fighter. But when charges of sexual harassment, vibrators and 'falafel's' emerged, Bill cried settlement rather than fight. What are you hiding Bill?

Tucker Carlson: For some reason, Tucker Carlson doesn't understand the difference between "Crossfire" and Comedy Central. His hissy fit over John Stewart's humorous critique of his show was not only over the top, but showed that the transition for boarding school to prime time can be a rough one.

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