Monday, January 17, 2005


Holding the Line on the Filibuster

For Some in the GOP, preserving the traditions of the Senate reflects values

Senator Frist has been rattling his saber on the role of the Senate in confirming President Bush's judicial nominees. He repeatedly claims that the use of the filibuster as a means of blocking judicial nominees from a floor vote in 'unprecedented' and 'unconstitutional'. (Of course he fails to mention that under President Clinton, he supported filibusters of judicial candidates-alas!). But is seems not all the elephants are on the wagon for Frist's power grab. The usual moderates, Collins, snowy, hazel, McCain, chaff seem to be balking, but more conservative members are expressing doubt, if not horror, at the concept. Senators Warner, summon and perhaps Cochran and Stevens joining the fray. That would be a vote on killing the filibuster at 46 yeas to 54 nags. If that's the whip count, the nay votes could go up as the 'rats' dessert the sinking legislative ship.

President Bush has had more than 95% of his judicial appointments confirmed by the Senate. As I've said before, it's not worth destroying the unique role of the Senate just to have a confirmation rate akin to North Korea of Soviet Russia. Bully for those in the GOP who oppose this ill begotten plan.

GOP Moderates Wary of Filibuster Curb
A Few Holdouts Could Block Move to Cut Off Debate on Judicial Nominees

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