Friday, January 14, 2005


Experiment Update: Fly-I Responds

Hmmm....this seems almost like it could be generated by some program that scans complaint emails for key words then gerates a stardard response. Personally, I like the "right now wait times are only 2 minutes." Well, I gave em a chance and while the answer is polite, it really doesn't address my question which was "Can you cancel my flight, or absent that, have an agent call me."

As I type this I'm on hold on Fly-i's 800 number. The timer on my office phone says that I've been on hold for 11:00 minutes.

Anyway, here's there response:

Hello Elephant,

Thank you for contacting us. All changes and cancellations must be made by calling 1-800-FLY-FLYi (1-800-359-3594). This is to ensure individual security for our customers. Currently, there is only a two minute wait to speak with a representative.

Cancellations will be subject to a $25 fee per passenger, with the remaining balance applied as a credit to your iClub account for travel on Independence Air within the next 12 months. Cancellations must be made prior to scheduled departure. Changes will also be subject to a $25 fee per passenger plus any difference in the applicable rebooked fare. If the new fare is lower, the difference in fare will be applied as a credit to your iClub account and can be used for travel on Independence Air within the next 12 months. Changes must be made prior to scheduled departure.

As far as your wait-time, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please remember, any company whichprovides a service to customers usually experiences a high number of calls in the middle of the day and around early evening. During the morning our phones are busy. It's best to call late morning and after business hours. One of our
agents would be happy to speak with you.

Additionally, we understand your concern about recent media reports discussing the financial health of our parent company, FLYi, Inc. Rest assured that while the economic pressures we are facing today are common to the entire airline industry (driven in large part by fuel prices that are at historic all-time highs) our Independence Air flights are continuing exactly as scheduled. Our operations are proceeding the same as they always have been, and we are continuing to confidently book customers for flights well into the foreseeable future. As you may know, the airline industry is undergoing great upheaval, but our entire Independence Air team of almost 5,000 dedicated airline professionals is working extra hard every day to create a different kind of travel experience by providing great service at very low

We greatly appreciate the tens of thousands of emails and notes we are getting from our customers who are excited about having a new low-fare airline alternative. Again, thanks for flying FLYi! We hope you will continue to think of Independence Air as YOUR new airline. Best regards, Matthew Customer Services


(My Guess is that it is the Matthew 5000.b automated customer response server)

Also, don't color me surprised when Fly-i folds sometime this year.

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