Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Pinch me, I'm Dreaming!

Apple to make $499 Mac, $99 iPod

Let me tell you this - A year ago, I was burdened with major windows problem on my Toshiba laptop. A security flaw in widows allowed my computer to be infected and after that, it was never the same. I lost tons of data, personal writings and music files. Having just gotten an Ipod, I was enthralled at the ease of use and brilliant design of the product. So, in the market for a new computer, I bought an apple iBook.

In the year of ownership my iBook has never been infected by a virus or spyware, it has never crashed causing a loss of data, and I can easily move files between my apple at home and my PC at work via email or USB keychain memory. (I have microsoft office for Mac, which not surprisingly, does crash from time to time). Anyway, I went from someone who thought fans of Apple computers were a bit 'out-there' like Trekkies (or Trekkers) to clearly becoming one of them.

Do yourself a huge favor and by an apple, it makes your computing so much easier.

(Disclaimer: This political commentator is not currently nor has ever been on the payroll of apple computers).


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