Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Purging the Moderates

Rudy's Tarnished, Now McCain is Targeted

First it was the tarnishing of St. Rudy for his role in the Kerik nomination fiasco (which some say was a devious plot by Rove to hurt Rudy's chances in 2008). Now, it appears McCain is facing the reckoning.

In the Presidential election the extent of Senator McCain's support for the President was surprising. I mean there's the minimal "Bush is the best candidate" lip service I expected, but McCain really did hit the road and did his best to help Bush out. This, of course, was after his brutal treatment at the hands of Bush/Rove in the South Carolina Primary in 2000, where McCain was accused of being gay, a traitor to his country, and mentally unstable. But the good Senator joined the Bush bandwagon for reasons beyond my understanding.

His reward? The Senate Leadership is thinking of reducing the Commerce Committees jurisdiction over telecom reform and diluting the committee chairman's power. Oh, and John McCain is the Commerce Committee Chairman.

Commerce Shakeup May Cut Out McCain

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