Friday, January 14, 2005


Weekend Reading

Oops, We did it again edition

Seems to me that when it comes to the debacle that is Iraq, the administration is handing our some welcome mia culpas. First, Bush applogizes for the 'Bring it on" comment (after insurgents have pretty effectively - brought it on). Second, there seems to be a growing consensus in the intelligence community that Iraq is becoming worse, even emerging as a new hot bed for terrorists. Hey, I've been very critical of the Administration all along for it's faulty plans, it's insufficient number of troops and its inablity to admit mistakes on the Iraq war. Let's hope that these admissions are the begining of a reassessment of our current policy.

Iraq New Terror Breeding Ground
War Created Haven, CIA Advisers Report

Bush: Comments had 'unintended consequence'

Prediction: India, China will be economic giants

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