Saturday, March 26, 2005


Bush Attempts to Sieze Terri Schiavo?

Does Ideology Outwiegh the Law?

The sad frantic last hours of Terri Schiavo are upon us. Her parents, fighting vigilently (as any parents probably would) have filed appeal after appeal, to no avail. Mean while reports are that Governor Bush had ordered State Authorities to sieze Ms. Shiavo, but the vigilence of local police and their thin blue line, were enough to uphold the law and the ruling of over 20 courts. It's alarming if this report is true and means that your rights as a spouse and guardian, even your rights as decided by a court can be thrown out the window to enforce someone else's ideology. In this case, the parents and their advisor Randal Terrry (An Anti Abortion Terrorist).

I don't fault Governor Bush for filing any appeal he thought prudent, because he was operating within the system. But the fact that he seems to be taking counsel from Mr. Terry and appears to have ordered that state to sieze this woman are alarming developments. The law, it is often said, is an ass. But absent that forum for decided such painfull disputes, we are left with only a political mechanism, which is far less fair and far less consistent.

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