Friday, April 08, 2005


Joys of Home Ownership Cont: Apoplexy

Disturbing Land Without A Permit

Ok, well I've gathered more information on the problems with my little home improvement project. It appears that the problem was not the fault of the contractor, but rather an overzealous city inspector. Here's what transpired.

As part of the contractors work on my basement, I asked them to extend a downspout drain way from the house to mitigate water seepage. So yesterday they dug a small trench from the downspout about ten feet into my back yard. The 'trench' is about 6 inches deep near the house and less than an inch deep at its terminus. It runs for about ten feet. Now keep in mind that the water simply drained over this area in a sheet prior to my digging ans was absorbed by the grass that I had planted last fall. (and prior to that is just ran down the hard packed clay that was my yard.)...

So anyway, a city inspector stops by my property (and you can't see the 'trench' without entering the yard) and issues a citation for "unpermitted land disturbance activity." What the heck is that? I mean I've dug deeper trenches to plant tulips and the water isn't going into a storm drain or my neighbors property.

Meanwhile a block from my house the city had to repair a broken water main and they left piles and piles of sand that are clogging the storm drains....but I get the citation. Needless to say, I'm appealing solely on principle here. I'll keep you posted.

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