Tuesday, April 19, 2005


OKC: Ten Years

Let us not forget

I can't believe that today is the sad, ten year anniversary of the OKC bombing. I stunning wake up call that in addition to the threats we face from the outside (Islamo-fascists), we have our own set of enemies right here at home. They are still out there... I guess in these turbulent political times, I can at least be thankful that (for now) the radicals who want to gut our democrat traditions in the Senate, haven't resorted to blowing up buildings (although they seem ready to impale judges). But then, they have the ear of the Senate Majority Leader.

I hope I'm not pulling a Ward Churchill, I love America and think that a vociferous debate between the left and the right can result in good policy for the millions of us in the increasingly angry middle. What I'm not so sure of, is that a few of the more radical elements (FCR, CWA) really want to find the middle ground and would preferr creating a Christian version of Iran.

For a week, let us ignore the Michael Moores, the Ann Coulters, Al Frankens and Bill O'Rielly's and talk to each other about what really matters and find solutions that work, rather than solutions that polarize and enrich politicians on both sides.

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