Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Meanwhile on the other side of the aisle

Jane Galt critiques the Democratic Party

...Hence the lesson for the Democratic party is that it should prioritize long term gains over short term ones, Jumbo over Dumbo. It’s losing out with voters because they don’t know what it stands for anymore – it keeps on chasing short term advantage (like Boeing in the 1990’s) and sometimes wins temporary gains, but only at the cost of cannibalizing its long term asset of party ID - voters don’t identify with the Democrats because they don’t know what they should be identifying with. Perlstein says that the Democratic Party needs to return to its populist roots, and build a coherent identity out from them.

I'm not so sure, I'd rather see the Dems return to a Clintonian centerist path, but more importantly, we as a country need policy alternatives to the current crap we're getting from the GOP majority.

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