Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I (heart) Chertoff

Rules for Reagan Airport Passengers to Be Eased

A government official cutting back on silly, probably useless security rules?! Egad! Looks like the director of Homeland Security may actually be a rational, smart man. He certainly gets my vote of confidence on this proposal. No word yet on the trade-offs here, e.g. you no longer have to stay seated for 30 minutes, but you must fly naked rule...but on a small scale, some common sense may be seeping into our security measures. Hurray!

I hope it continues.

And I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope it spreads!

(not for me, of course, as I always get pulled aside at airports...must be my stunning good looks)
Recently I was traveling and got to the airport hours and hours before my flight. Rather than wait, I just bought a cheap walk up ticket on a discount airline so I could get home several hours earlier.

The level of screening I had to go through was pretty incredible...
I'm sure it's much worse in D.C., too, considering the city's national importance.
I think you probably mean DC's "Self-Importance"....
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