Friday, July 22, 2005



Another Attack Thrawted

Dude, WTF? Another attempted attack on the Underground. Good for the Brits for (cliche warning) keeping a stiff upper lip. I think they are handling it so much better than we would here in DC. I was talking to Donkey last night and he said that if the same thing transpired here in DC over the last two weeks, we'd be invading Canada or something.

Truth be told though, my commute on the Metro last night was uneventful. The customers seemed just as disgruntled as usual, although announcements were reminding us to keep an eye out for unusual activity. Part of me wonders if the attempted bombings that happened in London this week actually took place in NY or DC, would any passengers go "Flight 93" on them? I mean just grab them and start beating the heck out of them until police arrive? I'd hope so.

It also impresses me as incredibly stupid for these folks to try to rile up London. I mean, this is peanuts compared to the Blitz, and the IRA tried for years to upset the apple cart with bombs, but London kept going. Anyway, good for them.

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