Thursday, July 07, 2005


Meanwhile, things here continue to be divisive.

Supreme Court Choice an 'Extraordinary Circumstance'

What's a good leader? To me it is someone who can pull together a country in a time of conflict. Bush has repeatedly offered divisiveness at nearly every turn. (Yes, the radical left, like the radical right doesn't help..) He ran an election based on fear of gay marriage, his campaign worked to spread lies about John Kerry's actual military service (and I'm no John Kerry fan), when he had a cushy spot in the national guard. That's what makes me nervous. That another terrorist attack on the U.S. will be used not to unite us, but rather as an opportunity to push through agenda items like ultra conservative judges, FMA, immigration curbs (rather than the President's visionary reform effort). Our enemy of course knows this....

At least on the SCOTUS issue, it's business as usual here in DC.,2933,161758,00.html

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