Wednesday, July 06, 2005



This movie sucks

Ok, maybe I'm about a year behind the curve, but last night I watched the epic Troy on HBO. You know, the one staring Brad Pitt. It was, for lack of a better word...terrible. The dialoque was stilted to the level of George Lucas and other than the important discussions that furthered this classic tale, were just cliches strung together. Most notably, with 50,000 Spartans hanging out on the beach in Troy, the dialogue suddenly became self-conciously heterosexual. "Do battle and go home and make love to your wives." 'Cause you know, whenever there's a bunch of men dressed up like gladiators on the beach, we really have to let the audience know it's not Fire Island or something. And another thing...what it is about these epics, Gladiator (which I thought was cheesy, but enjoyable) and Troy and Alexander where people in ancient times speak with a British accent? Is that some kind of union rule?

Anyway, Troy wasn't that good, in fact, I turned the channel to Empire on ABC which was actually enjoyable.

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