Friday, July 01, 2005


High Drama

At least we'll have something to talk about in August:

The drama has begun. I've got the TV in my office on and all the talking heads are babbling about how replacing Sandra Day will change the balance of the court. That's partly true, partly not. On separation of church and state as we've seen this week with it's confusing 5-4 decision, that may be true, but on other issues, like Lawrence v. Texas the majority was larger 6-3 (The suspicious and single David Souter). So, despite what we'll here in the media, it's much more complex and subtle than that.

However, I was just thinking about all the meetings that will be happening this weekend and how much it would suck to be a Senate Judiciary Committee Staffer this weekend. I suppose that ACLU employees, NARAL, Focus on the Family and other groups will all be locked away this weekend strategizing. Uggh!

So much is in play, this will be interesting to watch.

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