Friday, July 01, 2005



Sandy Day- Goes Away

Wow! This just threw a wrench into the gears of Washington. Although chief Justice Rehnquist was widely expected to announce his retirement, today, swing Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement. It's gonna be a long, hot summer here in DC.

A Rehnquist retirement doesn't approach the high stakes ideological battle that Justice O'Connor's does. After all, Rehnquist's retirement would logically open the door to another conservative judicial appointment without radically altering the balance of the court. O'Connor's retirement is a whole different ball game as she's been a decisive swing vote for almost her duration on the bench. This battle will be ugly and will most likely slow or shut down other legislative activity for the remainder of the legislative session.

Oh yes, does anyone really expect that George Bush will appoint a moderate for this vacancy?

I don't. I'm headed out this weekend to stock up on condoms & porn.

O'Connor to Retire From Supreme Court

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