Friday, July 01, 2005


Parting Thoughts....

Enjoy Your Civil Liberties Weekend.

Maybe I have too much faith in the process, but with Bush's current weakness in the polls (and on capitol hill), I'm thinking that the process may lead to a more consensus candidate. Oh, I don't think Bush will nominate one, that's not Karl Rove's MO (Remember he's got only one trick-divide and conquer). I'm just thinking that if Bush can't get the Bolton nomination through, what are the chances he could get another Bork through? The system is still stacked against him and throw in Frist's wet noodle leadership skills, it won't be smooth sailing by a long shot.

Yes, there is a lot at stake and you should get active if there is an issue of concern for you, but the system will provide many roadblocks and opportunities to ensure that whatever candidate passes the Senate approval process, there should be some level of compromise involved.

Keep the faith!
...And have a great 4th....

Enjoy your 4th (and the weekend), E.
Thanks man, you too!
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