Thursday, July 07, 2005


Sadly, It's London!

Explosions Rock London's Morning Rush Hour: Blair Calls Apparent Terror Attacks 'Barbaric' Acts

Woke up to the sad news that Britain was the victim of an apparent terrorist attack. Feeling both sad and angry. Angry because just a few weeks ago, the new CIA Director Porter Goss did an interview with Time magazine. During the interview he was asked if he new the locaion of Osama Bin Laden. He responded, "I have a pretty good idea where he is, next question."

Who in the current administration is in charge of getting this guy. We seem to be good at getting tin pot dictators like Sadaam Hussien, but nearly four years later, still no Bin Laden and the attacks keep coming. As some one who commutes by subway, do I feel safer? In a

I agree, it is saddening. We are fighting the terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here at home...or so it has been said.

But what about our friends and allies in Europe? They seem to be facing them in their homes. And I wonder, how has it happened that this "in-Iraq-so-not-here" logic applies to us but not to them?

Here's hoping the damage is absolutely minimal...though I have no idea how to measure minimal at this point, considering that the two confirmed deaths already make for too much tragedy.
As you know the war in Iraq is not related to the war on terror (or at least it wasn't until we blew the peace). It doesn't matter if we are in fighting in the middle east or not, they'll still find excuses to attack us....wether it is because we let our women wear pants and show their faces, or the fact we keep dogs as pets....
I know...I was not blaming the horrors of today on the war in Iraq...terrorism is far too old a tactic for that.

I am just upset by the repeated statements that this war has logically made the world safer from terrorism, because it seems such a..I don't know...deception couched in reassurance, I the face of today's tragedy.

All of it is salt in the wound, you know? To hear the world is safer one week, then to witness the tears and pain in London the next. And being locked in Iraq instead of making inroads against terrorists, as you put it. Or, in my preferred semantic, instead of hunting those f**king dogs down.
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