Friday, July 15, 2005


Rehnquist to World...

I ain't dead yet!

Doesn't it strike anyone as a little bit biased that the media and others have been following CJ Renhquist around, looking for any sign, gasp or other clue that he's about to retire. Yes, he has cancer (so do a lot of people), but it's not like he works in a steel mill...he reads briefs (or most likely summaries of briefs prepared by his clerks) and then works with his colleagues to render decisions...Perhaps mentally challenging..but certainly not grueling.

So, I say to our Curmudgeonly Chief Justice...good for you!

Rehnquist Says He's Not Retiring,2933,162577,00.html

It is kind of ghoulish of them, ain't it?

Not that the media has ever been ghoulish before...*cough*
Ghoulish? Ghoulish and useless. My favorite media thing is when it is either really hot or cold outside and they have a 'tips' segment on how to dress.

It's cold in DC today. So here are some tips to stay warm.
1) Dress in layers
2) Wear a hat
3) Stay indoors...

Etc. Weather, death and's their currency.

Have a good weekend.
My not-so-favorite is the overextended exaggeration. Especially the use of the words like "attack".

Today on his blog, Elephant launched a scathing attack on the media. In a sub-section devoted to commentary, the D.C. blogger referred to the media in general as "ghoulish and useless", pointing to the current trend of giving advice on how to dress for the weather as a prime example. Weather, says the self-proclaimed Republican-in-exile, is "their currency".
Have a nice weekend. :)
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