Thursday, July 28, 2005


Today on the International Space Station

Open the Shuttle Bay Doors Doug...

Let's just stop pretending that this whole space station thing is about science, and that the shuttle's return to flight is a good thing. The truth is that with the current safety issues involving the shuttle (which are really management issues at NASA) the reality is that the Space Station as designed will never be finished. Even if it is, the shuttle will be retired around 2010, and we'll have a finished space station with no way to reach it. It's a boondoggle beyond boondogles.

But it seems on today's schedule, they're firing up some software program called DOUG. I think by about 8PM tonight, Doug will achieve sentience and reach the same conclusion as me, that this whole thing is silly...force all the astronauts into a space capsule and then set course for the sun.

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