Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The View from the Heartland

Bush is a four letter word, but Dems have no appeal either

Wow, George Bush isn't too popular in the Midwest, if my extended family is any sort of random sample (they aren't). But what's surprising is that from my older brother (who thinks that reiterating talking points he gleans from Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh is political discourse) to my libertarian brother, my lapsed Catholic Mom and even the beagle, all are seemed disappointed and confused by Bush's Iraq strategy.

While there is a difference of opinion amongst the family members on the necessity of the war, we all are pretty much in agreement that we need to do right now that we've deposed Hussein. And we're all a little perplexed at why we seem to be fighting a half-assed war with too few troops. If this is, as they say, WWIII, then why only 130,000 troops and why the poor planning?

Of course the rambling criticisms of Bush and the litany of complaints are followed by..."But the dems would be worse.." Maybe...

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