Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The Government Wants Us To Forget


Tom Delay blocks House hearings, and now Sir Rudy stepping in and saying not to second guess the federal response. FEMA stepping in to block any photos of the carnage in New Orleans. The government wants to delay an examination of it's failures and block full knowledge of the consequences (e.g. gruesome deaths) so as time passes, everything is rosy and we the public can be agog at the fashionable designs for New Urbanism in the rebuilding of New Orleans. Perhaps a nice retractable roof stadium to replace the Superdome and a monorail.

They hope we forget stories like this. I'm not raging on Brown or Chertoff becuase they are Republicans, I'm railing against them because thier abject failure borders on criminal negligence. Again, these people work for us, they failed, they should lose their jobs.

The only problem with the spin is that unlike Iraq, the facts on the ground are in our midst. The victims and their stories have been scattered like the wind around the country. They can keep denying everything, only to be countered by the facts and victims. How long before the victims are called unpatriotic for sharing their stories? I give it about a week.

Oh and Rudy, you can forget about my vote in 2008, you f*ck'ing appologist.

The link to Rudy is broken, just to let you know.
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