Monday, September 12, 2005


PAC Fatigue

We're All So Tired of the Money Game

Great article in the Post today on how lobbyists are pulling back from the ongoing shameless plugs for cash by candidates on both the left and the right. As a political professional who regularly gives money to candidates, once your on the mailing list you get inundated with requests for even more money. It's not just us DC insiders either, members of my Board of Directors where I work, all very successful and socially active men and women, have on numerous occasions made note on the near daily pleading for money from either the left or the right.

I think for me, and many others, our personal funds we have set aside for funding candidates will be significantly less this year, with a lot of it going to Katrina relief. Perhaps we can have a telethon to help the useless politicians...Co-hosted by Al Franken and Sean Hannity.

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