Wednesday, November 09, 2005



GOP Implosion Continues

Geese-Louise. Can I just say how disappointed I am with the GOP (save for Trent Lott and perhaps Senator Tom Coburn (a wack job candidate, an emerging fiscal hawk!) Yesterday the GOP made probably the most idiotic move I've seen in my 12 years in this city. Senator Frist and Speaker Hastert announced an investigation into who leaked information to the Washington Post that the CIA is using former Soviet Gulags to 'torture' enemy combatants captured in the War on Terror. Let me repeat that...The U.S. Government is using former Soviet GULAGS, to 'torture' enemies of the state. First off, is the administration that stupid to miss the symbolism of this?! It guts the legacy of Regan who stoop up to the Soviets on human rights issues, not to mention pretty much shoots whatever credibility we have on human rights issues in the future. Not just dumb, but utterly shameful.

So anyway, information on the use of gulags is leaked to the Washington Post. (Which should win a Pulitzer for this story) and rather than get up in arms about this horrendous allegation and investigate and put a stop to this practice, the GOP majority has chosen to go after whatever brave sole choose to leak this information and shine a bright light on this malignancy. The leaker deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor, but the GOP Majority is focused on @ss covering and has abandoned all pretext of holding the federal government accountable for its behavior. Not only that but Cheney is secretly lobbying to keep the administrations current "Torture" (aka-we don't torture) policy in place.

Better yet, it seems that First and Hastert see this as a way to deflect attention for the leak probes into the Plame Affair. Dude, did they both have a lobotomy for breakfast?! Seems to me that investigating this leak just adds fuel to the fire.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the current GOP Majority is making me ashamed and embarrassed for my country...A first and yet another reason this elephant is in exile.

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