Monday, November 07, 2005


Two Roads Diverged in the Wood

The FTAA, or BTA?

Lot's of protests of Mr. Bush's trip to the Americas Summit this weekend. But behind all the jazz hands of leftist student protestors lies a big decision for the leaders of the Western Hemishpere (The dancingest hemisphere!). The decision is weather or not to sign onto the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. Most are on board, with the exception of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba... Chavez is pushing his Bolivarian Trade concept, leaving us with two approaches...

In the long run, if the U.S. backs off our wasteful farm subsidies, the FTAA would be a boon for all of the Americas. The Chavez concept is more of an anti-us club that looks like it promises to deliver all the riches of the revolution in Cuba. Even if Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela hold out, the FTAA should move forward.

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