Thursday, November 03, 2005


So True!

Quote of the Year!

"I was part of that wild and crazy Class of '94 that shook the political landscape by taking over the House after more than 50 years of unfettered Democrat control. We came to Washington full of ideals and conviction. But sadly, what they say about absolute power is coming to reality in the 2005 GOP Washington. Republicans in just 10 years have developed the arrogance it took the Democrats 30 years to develop."

-- Former Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK), writing in the Las Vegas Review-Journal

During my tenure on the Hill, I got to work with JC Watts, he's an awesome guy. More importantly he's right. When JC was on the Hill, the GOP and Clinton kept trying to out flank each other on smaller government, federal accountability and spending. The government shrunk, we had a surplus and the economy blossomed.

Now we have lame excuses for negligent spending, claims that there is "No Fat in the Budget" and apparently we're renting out former Gulags to torture enemy combatants. It doesn't shock me that a party in power changes its views to retain the majority, what shocks me is just how quickly the GOP went from the party of accountability and fiscal restraint, to a bloated, excuse mongering, free spending, Big-brother-state-creating bunch of wussy flip-floppers.

We miss you JC! (And reason number 1,432 that I'm in Exile)

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