Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Oh the Drama!

Dems pull a fast one, Frist cries...

Wow, what a dramatic (and by dramatic I mean 8th grade temper tantrum and/or Real World casts drama..on both sides of the aisle) day yesterday in the Senate. Minority Leader Reid shut down proceedings for an hour or so by invoking rule 21 (National Security) which moved the Senate into a closed door session. The topic, pre-war intel on WMD and the lack of promised follow up hearings by the Senate Intelligence Committee. How delicious, how fun!

Better yet, it clearly knocked Majority Leader Bill Frist for a loop. He and his deputies had a little press conference hissy fit to cast aspersions that this was a stunt (it was) and that the Senate had been hijacked by Dems (it was, but no more so than Frist's proposals to ban the filibuster). All fun and salacious, yet somewhat sad.

Here we are at war (literally) in Iraq and Afghanistan and economically against China, Europe, Japan and others. We can't focus on spending, the feeble way this war is being fought, why our government is sanctioning and committing torture, or the very reasons why we are there in the first place. I suppose this is what you get when you claw your way to power on the coattails of Karl Rove's divide and conquer. Pity.

Of course now the GOP majority will move to change rule 21 and further try to marginalize the Democratic minority. Unfortunately, in the long run, this will probably hurt the GOP more than the Dems as the Grand Old Party has a tendency to over reach and smack itself on the behind. The best strategy is to let the Dems. continue to flounder.

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