Tuesday, December 06, 2005


My Day in Shanghai Cont'd

The promenade

Still breathless from the "Modern" sightseeing tunnel, we spilled out onto the river promenade the sprawls out in front of the historic buildings on the Bund. The river walk provides an excellent view of the futuristic looking Pudong side of the river. The space-aged towers looming like some vision of Tomorrowland. You can see the Pearl Orient TV Tower, and that tall building in the back is the Jin Mao tower, home of my hotel room. The river was busy with barge, junk, and freighter traffic.

After the tunnel and looking at this awesome sight, I was seriously expecting to see a hover car, or at least a jet pack, but no such luck. Of course if we stopped strolling the river walk for even a second, we were surrounded by street vendors selling the ubiquitous "Rollex" watches. Oddly though, a polite "No Thanks" seemed to be sufficient to scatter the vendors and they'd politely wish us a nice trip in China.

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