Monday, December 05, 2005


It's not the bird flu

It's a post vacation malaise...

Okay, I'm still working on a travelogue of my trip to China. Don't for a moment think that the trip was dull, China is way cool. How could one not enjoy a county with 5,000 years of recorded history, the great wall, a 266 mile an hour hover train, 50 story tall televisions on the sides of skyscrapers, and an 88 story tall hotel?

The truth is I came down with a nasty cold, which I blame on the arid conditions inside the airplane I was on for some 20 hours last week. I'm drinking gatorade by the gallon, and I'm slowly recovering. Top that all off with taking on some new duties at work (in light of a sweet promotion) and I find my attention being drawn elsewhere. It's only temporary, I hope, but in the mean time, things will be a little light here for a while.

Besides, it's the Holidays and I'd much rather be focused on snow, christmas lights and the general feelings of unbridled expectation and hope that accompany Christmas. Too much griping and silliness like the "War on Christmas" and the like. I'm just trying to enjoy!

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