Tuesday, November 15, 2005


10 Minutes in Drudgeland

Bush, Father not Speaking?!

Last night for about an hour of so, Drudge had a link to an article claiming the Bush and his father are not on speaking terms. That's right, wedged between stories on natural disasters and ruffie wielding transvestites, Drudge appeared, for a little while a least, to have a real scoop.

surprisingly, the link was quickly replaced. But it does raise some good questions. A few weeks ago former Bush (I) advisor Brent Scowcroft came out with a withering critique of the march to war. Donkey commented that this was odd, as the Bush dynasty demands such loyalty that Scowcroft was unlikely to make such comments without Bush I's blessing. (Unless there is a rift between Bush I and Scowcroft that I'm unaware of). Anyway, I find these two events intriguing.

George W. Bush's presidency is in trouble, perhaps deep trouble. Scandals cloud the future -The Plame-Leak, The Abramoff Scandal, The March to War, Torture, The War itself. Bush's approval ratings are so low, that apparently more people would trust Bill Clinton than current trust our commander in Chief. A major shake up is required to win back even the smallest speck of hope that anything can be accomplished in the next three years.

Bush is at a crossroads and he must act decisively. Stay on the current path, which is downward spiral, or break with the past and shake things up. Wasn't John Kerry supposed to be the indecisive one?! Looks like Bush has caught that bug too. I'm waiting, but not holding my breath.

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