Thursday, November 10, 2005



So this is what's it's come to

There used to be a time when the GOP was all about Black-Helicopters and fear of an unaccountable federal government. Of course that's when Clinton was President. Today Senate Majority Leader Frist had this winning statement.

Frist told reporters Thursday that while he believed illegal activity should not take place at detention centers, he believes the leak itself poses a greater threat to national security and is "not concerned about what goes on" behind the prison walls.

Am I crazy or is Ronald Reagan out there somewhere spinning in his grave?! Not only is this a failure to live up the the Reagan legacy of taking on the Soviets, but it also marks the complete abandonment of any principle of federal accountability and limited federal power. It would be nice if I could pin this malignant drift within the GOP on just the Administration. I can't do that any longer. The whole leadership apparatus has jettison nearly all principles that any previous supporter (including me) of the GOP found worthwhile. We can only begin to imagine the costly legacy in terms of conservative policy (Hey, I don't like Bush but that doesn't mean I get all excited about Democrat's policies- living wage, socialized medicine, etc -ick!), we'll be coping with the legacy that's being laid down today for some time to come.

I can't believe this statement came from a member of the U.S. Senate, let alone from the leader of the Republican Party...Well, strike that, with what the party has become, nothing surprises me anymore.

And dealing with this the same day I find out that Michael Brown RESIGNED rather than being fired is just way too much.

I said it first, but I won't be the last, Bush's legacy is looking like a combination of worst of Carter-Nixon with a dash of Johnsonian Great Society thrown in for good measure.

Senator Frist should resign...Immediately.

And Dude...what about the so-called "Culture of Life?!"


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