Monday, November 14, 2005


Torture Amendments Week

Elephant Supports McCain, Bingaman Amendments

Well, another week and the GOP leadership takes another shot of reconciliation bills. Two amendments on the detention and treatment of war prisoners are up for consideration. The well discussed McCain amendment banning egregious forms of torture and the Bingaman amendment which would allow for habeas corpus petition on war detentions (basically, the prisoner would be brought before a court and the government would have to make a minimal showing of its rational for detention). Elephant supports both amendments.

For to many reasons for me to try to discuss here (most notably other blogs are doing a much better job discussing the torture issue...Andrewsullivan among them.)

Elephant thinks at the very basic level, the federal government should not have an unquestionable, unlimited right to detain foreign fighters and/or American citizens without even the most basic showing of why.

The torture issue is beyond understanding....and I think the Senate should call Bush's veto bluff on it. I mean does anyone think that President "We don't Torture" Bush would veto a bill that bans the very thing we supposedly don't do?! Ah politics.

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