Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Silent Night

For once, I have nothing to say...sorta

Sigh! I'm sitting here watching my hit count plunge in December. Nothing makes me happier than to see that my odd thoughts, jotted down quickly (and with the appropriate amount of typos) has resonance with folks out in cyberspace. But I find myself avoiding media lately. Why?

First off, Christmas season is my favorite time of year. In the Christian tradition, it's probably the happiest holiday. It's all about the good that is about to come, a bright and positive future. Yes, Easter is the be all end all of Christianity, but it is so heavy with death, man's imperfection and such. Even in a secular sense I find the holidays uplifting. The year is ending, a new one is about to begin and all sorts of possibilities are...well possible. Oh yes and LOTS OF SPARKLEY LIGHTS! I love it, it makes me focus on goals, bettering myself and reaching out to those I care about and the gifts ain't bad either.

But if I turn on the TV, I get a dash of either 1) Insane commercialism (nothing wrong with that per se - I just don't see the need for yet another George Foreman Grill) or 2) All this hype about the so-called war on Christmas...Yes, five years of Republican rule and we have become such wimps we need to micro manage how everyone, Christian, Jew, or Muslim wishes each other "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" or what not. Give me a break! It turns out most of it is made up anyway...See Wonkette today (I'm too lazy to link)

So, I'm tuning out as much as I can, focusing on the things that matter - introspection, goal setting, the people I love, and I'm having a great time. Oh, there's a ton of stuff happening in Congress, the Administration, the war and such, but I have enough faith that our current crop of so-called leaders will continue their ham-handed ways for some time. We'll have lots to complain about in 2006. For now. or at the very least for today, I'm just tuning it out and focusing on what matters.

I don't know about you, but I'm having a tough time relaxing and enjoying the season... I think this War on Chrsitmas thing has really jarred the enjoyment out of the holidays for me. Maybe I should do what you're doing and step away for a bit... but... but... must... comment... on... stupidity...

Mappy Chrolidays!

Funny how the people upsetting us are supposedly the ones who are 'defending' Christmas....
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